Thursday, October 29, 2015

New VNLA Inline Skates

This is an entry level speed skate, priced slightly less than the Carbon. Sizes 1-5 have a three wheel frame with 100mm wheels and sizes 6-13 have a four wheel frame with 100mm wheels. The boots and frames are black, the wheels are white. The bearings are Reaction ABEC9.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Skates for 2016

New Skates for 2016

Brand new color way from Vanilla Skate Co. 

VNLA is proud to introduce the Vanilla Code Red Junior Jam skate. The boot on the Vanilla Junior skate features a strong, fully stitched rubber outsole, and super tough skate shoe lining. The newly designed frame on this package is VNLA first nylon frame and features a 5 degree action to increase stability with specially designed, cone shaped cushions to increase response. VNLA jam plugs, designed and tested by Team VNLA for all types of skating, and the recommended toe stop choice. The ABEC-7, race spec bearings will keep you flying around the floor and have been rigorously tested by Team VNLA to make sure they will endure the test of time. Surrounding those great bearings, are top quality, super light Backspin nylon hub wheels that come with a lifetime warranty. Code Red Available in Men’s Sizes 3 to 11. Ladies please drop back one size for the perfect fit.

These very bright colorful skates are new for 2016. There's two different versions of the Candi Girl Skates. 

Women Sizes 3-11 with metal plate

Women Size 3-10 with Nylon Plates

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Benefits Of Roller Skating

Some of the greatest benefits of skating go unrecognized. For starters it is a great form of exercise for many people. Secondly it is a great time to spend with your family and friends and third it has become a competitive sport in both inline and quad.

Exercise is for most a hard thing to fit into your schedule. By incorporating fun into the equation many people will find themselves more likely to do it on a consistent basis. Roller Skating strengthens many muscles in your body while raising your heart rate. Roller skating is a great form of aerobic exercise. Just one hour a day can burn more calories than your typically daily jog.

Spending time with your family should be the up most important thing in your life. You only get one chance of it so make it special. We all know how time flies by, we look back and think where did it all go, and what did we do? Show your kids that exercise can be fun and not a chore. Allow your children to use their colorful imagination to create their own skates. Many skate shops like Skate Out Loud will give you the ability to change boot colors, skate laces, skate wheels, toe stops, and plates. This can make any birthday or Christmas present special. And lastly, laugh. Humor in a child teaches them how to overcome life’s challenges, builds self esteem, and confidence.

Roller derby has increasingly grown over the years becoming more and more popular in many countries and states across the U.S. Roller derby played by girls can get pretty physical. The team is made up of jammers and blockers. My children like the term "booty block". Some popular derby skates are Riedell, Sure Grip Rebel, and Vanilla. In fact Vanilla has just introduced a new skate boot called the Straight Jacket. This boot over the coming months I expect is going to be a hot seller.

Rock GT 50 with Sure Grip Motion wheels is one of our popular roller skates for outdoor skating. It offers a comfortable boot design with a stylish quad skate wheel. The Sure Grip motion wheels are made for outdoors that will provide long term use. Don’t forget your protective gear. One of our most comfortable and protective brands you will find under Smith pads. They come highly recommended around the derby tracks.

Stop by Skate Out Loud and browse through our large line of inline skates, quad skates, and all the protective gear to keep you safe. We are offering a referral program for our customers. The rules are simple you refer a customer to our store, they mention your name at checkout and we will deposit $5.00 in your account. You can let your account grow for as long you like.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Roller Skating Must-Haves for 2012

It’s only the second month of the New Year, but there is already much happening in the skate world! USARS Roller Derby Rules have been approved, applications are available for the Colorado Inline Speed Skating Spring Banked Track Clinic, roller derby teams are forming and more! And with a New Year comes a new list of roller skating must-haves! Here at SkateOutLoud, we know that no matter if it’s speed skating, roller derbies or just recreational skating, to perform your best, you need drive, skill and the top gear.

Labeda Voodoo Skates & Boots
On the top of the list are the Labeda Voodoo Skate Boots and Labeda Voodoo Quad Skates. Right now, we are offering both the Labeda Voodoo U3 and the Labeda Voodoo U7. The great thing about these products is Labeda Voodoo offers both skate boots and full roller skates based on your needs. These skates and skate boots are top of the line, but at an affordable price.

This footwear will have you performing at your best while looking and feeling great! Full grain leather, satinene finish, comfort padding and hidden lace system make these skates and boots an absolute must for this skating year. Not to mention, you can get the cool colors and trendy designs Labeda is known for. At SkateOutLoud, we offer sizes for men, women, boys and girls.

Sure Grip Avenger Plates
The Sure Grip Avenger plates with DA 45 trucks are lightweight, agile and adjustable for maximum skating performance. These plates feature the 45 degree kingpin design that Sure Grip is known for. These plates also allow for greater maneuverability with Sure Grip’s World famous DA-45 degree truck design.

These Sure Grip Avenger Plates come in sizes 1-6. The axle size is available in 7 and 8 mm. With these plates you can also buy an adjustable toe stop. Like all Sure-Grip products, these skate plates are durable and of the highest quality. So pick up some Sure Grip Avenger Plates today and start skating your best!

Triple 8 Lil Tricky Tri Pack Protection Gear
Looking for a pack of comfortable and discreet protection gear for your little roller-skater? Finally there is a one-in-all pack of safety essentials for inline skating, skateboarding, biking and roller sports! The Triple 8 Lil Tricky Tri Pack Protection Gear includes:
  • wrist guards
  • knee pads and
  • elbow pads
This protection gear is lightweight, shock absorbent and ergonomically designed for comfort. The pack also comes with an informative DVD. The pack features protection gear for one-size fits all for youths between the ages of 6-11.

So stop by SkateOutLoud and lace up and gear up for another great year of epic skating!